Triple crown Pokie

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  • Last updated: 26.01.2022
  • Triple Crown Slot
  • 🎰 Slot type : Classic
    💎 Slot theme : Classic
    📱 Platform : Desktop, Android, iPhone
    📟 Reel : 3
    ⚙️ Paylines : 1
    🔥 Progressive : no
  • 🟢 Coin size : from $0.02 up to $1
    🟠 Coins per line : 3
    💵 Max bet : 3
    💰 Max win : 5000
    🆓 Play for fun : yes
    ▶️ Autoplay : yes
    ✨ Wild symbol : no
  • 💥 Scatter symbol : no
    ✖️ Multiplier : no
    🎁 Free spins : no
    💣 Bonus round : no
    🍒 Symbols : Single, Double and Triple Bars, Magic Lamps, Sheikhs Palaces as well as Triple Crown Logos

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Triple Crown Slot Review
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Triple crown Pokie Review

This old-fashioned 3-reel 1-payline video slot developed by Betsoft looks very straightforward, all its capabilities and capacities are visible and obvious from the very first glance. Yet, as plane and minimalistic as it is, it ignites imagination with a $5000 win at a $3 bet and appealing connotations of its name. Triple Crown refers to so exciting things in politics and sports; it is an utmost success of winning three most important tournaments or prizes in the broadest sense. Does it relate to the pokie offered to Aussies in online casinos? Does it trigger thrills and chills? Yes it does! Read the rules and tips below to see what a triple crown means and how it works.

Gameplay: some things are forever

Looking at the interface, you understand that there are basic things. The foundations from which unbelievable developments sprang are still here, alive and kicking. Take any advanced video slot and strip it of extras and features and here it is: a vintage fruit machine, fool-proof, a 3-reel 1-payline pokie. Playing Triple Crown is a thrilling journey to the foundations of the slot business. To start this journey, you should decide on a coin value ranging from $0.01 up to $1.00 by clicking a square screen with a coin value. Each click on a One Bet button adds 1 coin to the total bet, up to 3 coins per spin.

Thus the total bet expands from $0.01 up to $3.00. A Spin Reels button starts the game at a customized bet of 1, 2 or 3 coins and a Max Bet button sets a 3-coin bet and starts the reels right away. The beauty of Max Bet is two-fold: firstly, a 3-coin bet is not reset after each spin, it stays 3-coin until you decide to change it. Secondly, and here we are getting closer to the true sense of Triple Crown as a term and a symbol, it activates the highest awards in the paytable.

Pokie Symbols: a true sense of Triple Crown

As it is suggested by its name, “3” is a prime digit in this pokie. There are 3 paytables, low, medium and high. Three coins is the maximum bet. A 3-coin bet engages the highest paytable and entitles a gambler to the top win of 5,000 coins or up to $5,000. This top win is scored by 3 Crown icons landed on the payline at the maximum $3 bet. This is what the Triple Crown really stands for!

There are also other symbols, including Aladdin Lamps, Single, Double and Triple Bars icons and Taj Palaces, and 3 separate paytables depending on a bet size. The currently active paytable is shown with a click on the Paytable button and is easily identifiable because it is brightly lit. So, a 1-coin bet triggers the lowest paytable with wins from x2 to x1000 or up to $1000 at a $1 bet. A 2-coin bet activates the medium paytable featuring payouts from x4 to x2000 or up to $2000 at a $2 bet. A 3-coin bet completes the concept of Triple Crown and opens up the access to the highest paytable with wins from x6 to x5000 or up to $5000 at a $3 bet.

The same symbols play in all 3 paytables, but they have slightly different payout rules. For example, 1, 2 or 3 Aladdin Lamps on the line means a win between x2 and x30 depending on a bet. Landing on the payline, any 3 Bar icons in any combination pay out between x4 and x12 according to a bet size. All other symbols make up winning combinations when there are 3 of a kind on the payline. Payouts are better for these combos and start from x10 going as far as x5000 or up to $5000 at the maximum bet.

Admire the way icons appear on the line: one by one, with a slight hesitation which is just enough to make one’s heart stop and then pound again, and pound happily at a winning icon.

Here is the tip: a 1-coin bet and a 3-coin bet relates as 1 to 3. But a top win at a 1-coin bet (x1000) and at a 3-coin bet (x5000) relates as 1 to 5. That means that multiplying a bet by 3, you actually multiply your potential win by 5. Having weighed this, click Max Bet to trigger the reels at the beginning of each spin and strive for scoring the top prize of 5000 coins.

Tip number two: adjust the value of coins with a view to your budget and ambitions and always take into account the way the coin prizes are converted into cash payouts. The actual win in money terms depends on the face value of coins you are betting. This means that the top prize of 5,000 coins converts into $50 at a $0.03 bet. A $0.25 bet makes it $1250, rather interesting. A true top win is scored with $1 coins and a $3 bet, earning you a nice win of $5,000.

Bottom line on Triple Crown

The 3-reel 1-payline video slot powered by Betsoft is a kind of corner stone of gambling, the way it began decades ago and the way it essentially runs today. Yet it is a thrilling and chilling pokie due to smart design of the gameplay as well as up to $5,000 wins at a quite modest $3 bet. It is perfect for temperate budgets and high ambitions with lust for thrills. The pokie is certainly praised by Aussies longing for the good old times and old-school designs while offering fair and thrilling chances of decent wins for gamblers who play for real money. It is adjustable to most screen sizes and is compatible with most common operating systems and gadgets, including PC and mobile.

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