Boom Bucks Pokie

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  • Last updated: 26.01.2022
  • Boom Bucks Slot
  • 🎰 Slot type : Classic
    💎 Slot theme : Classic
    📱 Platform : Desktop, Android, iPhone
    📟 Reel : 3
    ⚙️ Paylines : 5
  • 🔥 Progressive : no
    🟢 Coin size : from 4 up to 8
    🟠 Coins per line : 1
    💵 Max bet : 8
    💰 Max win : 200
    ▶️ Autoplay : yes
  • ✨ Wild symbol : no
    💥 Scatter symbol : yes
    ✖️ Multiplier : no
    🎁 Free spins : no
    💣 Bonus round : no
    🍒 Symbols : Bomb, Bar, Pear, Bell, Grapes, Watermelon, Plum, Orange, Lemon, Cherries

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Boom Bucks Slot Review

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Boom Bucks Pokie Review

A real old-timer! Boom Bucks, a 3-reel 5-payline pokie by Betsoft looks exactly as if it was found long-abandoned at some dusty place 100 clicks off Melbourne, and painstakingly restored. It is an old good video slot featuring vintage symbols, very basic gameplay, realistic sounds instead of music and up to $200 in a base round. Yet there is one quite interesting bonus round, again, a pure resemblance of the past, when there were no online casinos. An Aussie shall try this pokie: it is neither new experience, nor a fancy gimmick; it is a gambler’s retreat. Yet one may be surprised with the elaboration of it. And it always pays more than one bets!


The control panel looks like it is a celebration of simplicity. The only thing one has to do to start earning is to select the bet level with the Choose Bet control. It sets the wager at 4 or 8 coins, $1 each, thus the betting range is restricted to $4 or $8. The paytable is on the main screen all the time so you will not be distracted on what is really important. Wins are always higher than a bet and they start from $20 and go up to $200. There is a rule how wins are earned and further used in the game. A winning combo (see below) earns coins and they appear on the TOTAL display.

This is a full-fledged winning that can be collected by a gambler by pressing Collect – the win is thus added to the balance. If the Collect button is not used, a different betting rule applies: only 1 coin is taken from a gambler’s balance while the rest, 3 or 7 depending on the betting level, is taken from the winning on the TOTAL display. Split of the main balance and win balance helps you take control of the course of the gameplay. It is a feature to appreciate!

There are 5 paylines, three horizontal and two diagonal, each containing 3 symbols. The chances and hopes are that 2, 3, 4 or all 5 paylines win in a single spin. Let’s look what symbols you have here, how much they pay and how to get the most out of them.

Pokie symbols

There are 10 familiar symbols. Here they are in ascending order of payouts: Cherries, Lemons, Oranges, Plums (pay $20-$40); Watermelons, Grapes, Bells, Pears (pay $40-$60); Bars and Bombs (pay $100-$200). To get the most of any payable symbols, one has to bet 8 coins at a time, not 4, because this multiplies winnings by x2 for Bars and Bombs and x1.5 for the rest. The wins associated with the active bet level are lit.

Symbols pay when there are 3 of a kind on a payline. The paytable looks low but any payout is always bigger than the bet in contrast to what the most advanced pokies offer sometimes. The beauty of this pokie is that all 5 paylines are constantly in the game. So more than one win in a single spin is possible. Actually, up to 5 wins are possible! Then payouts will jump from $500 for a $4 bet and up to $1000 for a $8 bet. It is a good stash!

Boom Bucks feature: Go, Stop, Boom

This is a sort of a progressive jackpot feature with a twist. The twist is that the jackpot is growing but now and then it drops, yet it is fairly easy to win. When the wager is decided and “Start” is clicked, the reels set in motion. This also starts the Boom Bucks feature. At the top left corner of the pokie there is a kind of roulette wheel and two displays titled as Bucks Meter and Total. There is also a Boom Bucks reel at the bottom right corner.

The roulette and the Buck Meter reel begin rotating with each spin. The roulette wheel generates a random amount of coins, from $4 to $100 (blue) or $12 to $200 (red) per spin, depending on the betting level ($4 or $8 respectively). The generated amount is shown on the Bucks Meter display. The Total display shows the current total win of a gambler earned in all basic rounds and Boom Bucks! rounds. When a spin is over and the reels stop, the Bucks Meter reel also stops and shows GO, STOP or BOOM BUCKS!

“Go” saves all bucks, which were generated by the roulette wheel, for the next round. “Stop” – oops! – deletes all coins generated in previous spins leaving only 12 or 24 coins depending on the bet level. “Boom Bucks!” turns coins into a win and it pours into the Total display adding to the total win. This is when the Collect button at the bottom left corner is activated and lit; having clicked Collect, an Aussie scoops all hoot earned by the Boom Bucks feature (and base rounds wins) and adds it to the balance shown under the reels.

The Collect button is active after each win in a base round or in a bonus round; it may be used at Aussie’s discretion. All wins shown on the Total display cannot be deleted by Stop and may be collected at any moment between spins. One shall remember that until wins are not collected, that is, shown on the TOTAL display, bets are split between the main balance and the win balance (1 + 3 or 1 + 7 respectively, depending on the betting level). So when you bet 8, one coin is taken from the main balance and 7 coins – from the win balance.

Bottom line on Boom Bucks

This 3-reel 5-payline pokie by Betsoft looks retro in terms of graphics and sound effects. Despite appearances, it is a worthy slot for it has so many complex features regardless of the simple gameplay. Base wins run up to $200 on a single line. Each spin may earn winnings on 5 paylines, which makes it possible to win up to $1000 in a base round. A bonus feature is a sort of progressive jackpot and earns dozens of hundreds. A gambler may keep the win on a separate display and use it for betting thus taking only 1 coin from his main balance and the rest from the wins. It is a true time machine bringing an Aussie back in time to the era of land-based casinos, yet it is available in the best online casinos. Boom Bucks is mobile-friendly and gives you an opportunity to play for real money.

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