Online Roulette

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Roulette is a game of chance that dates back to ancient Romans and Greeks who played a similar game using a shield or chariot wheel. Whilst it’s not clear who exactly invented the game, roulette as we know it today really took shape in Europe, in the 18th century. During the French Revolution, roulette was brought to the United States where it acquired the 00 slot, which still exists in modern roulette variations. Today, online roulette is a leisure pursuit for many gamblers across the globe for this is one of the most thrilling and exciting games that makes players freeze in anticipation waiting for a ball to land on a needed number. Aussies are welcome to examine the selected online casinos featured on this website and choose the most convenient one.

How to play roulette online

Online roulette rules are basically the same as in land-based casinos. The player’s aim is to predict correctly where exactly the ball stops by placing a bet on a single number or a group of numbers. To begin playing online roulette, you first need to visit a reliable online casino and create an account there. See a list of the best Australia-friendly casinos on this website and pick the one you like better. After you have deposited AUD, EUR, bitcoin or other currency to your casino account, you can bet real money and win real dollars.

A roulette design differs across software vendors and platforms but basically each table has three major elements: a table that contains a grid, wheel and user interface. The roulette table grid consists of 36 numbers painted in alternating red and black colors, one or two zero sectors and several betting areas marked according to their names, for example, Even, 19 to 36, etc. Some games also display the minimum and maximum bets set for the table you are playing on. Even if you cannot see the limits, look into roulette game rules that are easily available by clicking “Help”, “Rules”, “?” or the other button that functions in a similar way.

The user interface displays a set of casino chips of various denominations, the Spin button for triggering the roulette wheel, the Repeat button for placing the same bet as in the preceding round, and the Clear button for resetting the current bet. There can be more buttons and interactive elements on the virtual interface and you will definitely understand what action happens behind each click. Roulette games designed for mobile devices have fewer tappable elements, yet a mobile interface is not at all tricky to operate.

Before clicking Spin, thus starting a round, you should place one or more chips on a betting area. Depending on the roulette variant you are playing (European, American or French roulette), you can make different choices. Suppose, you have opened a European roulette table. In this case, the table board will be comprised of the following areas:

  • Numbers 0 to 36. The zero section is located outside the numbered grid and is usually colored green. Bets on numbers are called inside bets because chips are placed on number boxes, which are the inner part of the table. There are a few more types of inside bets such as Split, Corner, Six Line, Trio, Basket and Top Line (this applies to American roulette only). The bet names listed below fall into the category of outside bets.
  • Even/Odd areas. If you believe the ball stops on an even number, place your chips on “Even”. Otherwise, wager on “Odd”
  • 1 to 18/19 to 36, also known as Low and High numbers. If you think the ball lands on a low number, place a chip on the “1 to 18” area. Otherwise, wager on “19 to 36”
  • Red/Black. If you predict a red number will win, place a chip on the “Red” table area. Otherwise, place your bet on black
  • 1st 12/ 2nd 12/ 3rd 12. Put your chips on a respective area where you think the ball will stop. Each of the three bet names covers 12 numbers
  • 1st Column/ 2nd Column/ 3rd Column. A table layout has three vertical columns where the numbers are shown. Each column contains 12 numbers.

After the bet has been made, you should click Spin to set the virtual wheel in motion. The outcome of the round will be known in just a few seconds and your winnings will be added to your bankroll automatically.

What is a House Edge in online roulette?

A casino always has a certain long-term profit when you play any game, be it roulette, blackjack or pokie. The keyword here is “long-term” because every player has the chance to hit an extremely beneficial combination of symbols in a pokie or win thousands of dollars by guessing correctly a number in roulette, but in the long run the online casino takes a certain profit on each game. With regard to roulette, the house edge of European roulette is pegged at 2.70 per cent meaning that a player can expect to lose $0.027 on each single-number stake of $1. The existing house edge value in European roulette is due to a zero pocket that generates income for casinos. American roulette has two zero pockets marked as 0 and 00, and its house edge is 5.26 per cent. The implications are that the player has more chances to win on a European single-zero table rather than an American variant with two zeros.

Payouts in online roulette games

As you already know, European roulette has the highest probability of winning because of a lower house advantage as compared with the American variant. The rule of thumb applied to roulette is that the lower the winning probability, the higher the payouts are. For example, a single number pays out 35 to 1, if won. So betting $1, you get $35 plus $1 of your initial bet, returning $36 in total, should your chip placed on a single number wins. The Split bet on two numbers located adjacently on the table awards 17 to 1 and the odds of winning it are 5.41% for European roulette. There are three inside bets such as Red/Black, Even/Odd and Low/High that have a 1 to 1 payout. This means that wagering $1 on whichever outcome (Red, Odd, etc.), you are going to double your original bet. In fact, the math behind betting odds in roulette is a cakewalk for many gamblers. Just keep in mind the main principle: The smaller area covered by your bet, the higher your real money winnings are.

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Online roulette variants

There are three major variants of the game that are traditionally called European, American and French roulette – all represented in Australian online casinos. Some software vendors offer exclusive editions of the game, for example, Common Draw roulette (Betsoft), Marvel Roulette (Playtech) and Double Ball roulette (NYX – Felt Gaming); however, modern online roulette makers do stick, by and large, to classic layouts and develop the three major variants specified above. Despite being fundamentally the same, European and American roulette have two basic differences:

  • European roulette has one zero box and American roulette features a single and double 0. Besides, the wheels differ in the sequence of numbers
  • Payouts in both are the same but the odds of winning are a bit higher in European roulette.

With this in view, it’s an absolute fact that European roulette is a better alternative in the eyes of an ordinary gambler because one extra pocket in American roulette decrease your chance of winning dramatically in comparison to a more generous single-zero European roulette.

French roulette is in a league of its own, it is equidistant from European and American roulette games in many aspects. In terms of layout, it has a fairly superficial distinction – the bet names are in French and the betting areas are located a bit differently. But what makes it really stand apart is an extremely low house edge of 1.35%, which is half as many as European roulette. The other rules of French roulette are basically the same, except that it may have an additional La Partage rule that lets the player retrieve half a bet if he made a “1 to 1” type outside bet and the ball landed on the zero pocket.

Roulette basic strategy

You should know that no win-win strategy exists that would provide nonstop winnings in roulette games. Roulette is a game of chance and the outcome of each ball spin is governed by mere luck, therefore applying a strategy can increase your chances of winning but it cannot eliminate a chance of losing. Keep in mind that math is against you in the long run.

Let’s review the Martingale and the Reverse Martingale strategies, which are the most popular and easy-to-learn playing methods that you can use any time. First choose a virtual roulette with a low minimum bet and high maximum bet. This an important step because both strategies are based on doubling the original bet. If the maximum bet is not high, you may not have an opportunity to recoup your losses.

Martingale and Reverse Martingale strategy

  1. Make the lowest acceptable bet (for example, $1) on any “1 to 1” outcome (Red, Black, Low, High, Even, Odd). If you win, take the money won and leave the table or continue playing from this step
  2. If you lose, double your second bet (now you put $2 on the table). If the second bet is won, you receive $4 in total and your net profit is $1 considering the first bet you have lost. If you lose on the second bet, double the amount on the third bet (now you wager $4). Repeat these steps until you finally get a win or hit the table’s maximum.

The Reverse Martingale roulette basic strategy is actually the same as above, except that you should double your bet on every win and continue betting on the same box. Important: Do not wait until you lose because you will waste your entire winnings. Ride the winning streak and leave the table before the streak ends.