Sugar Pop Pokie

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  • Last updated: 26.01.2022
  • Sugar Pop Slot
  • 🎰 Slot type : Video
    💎 Slot theme : Food
    📱 Platform : Desktop, Android, iPhone
    📟 Reel : 5
    ⚙️ Paylines : 243
    🔥 Progressive : no
  • 🟢 Coin size : from $0.02 up to $0.5
    🟠 Coins per line : 5
    💵 Max bet : 250
    💰 Max win : 2500
    🆓 Play for fun : yes
    ▶️ Autoplay : yes
    ✨ Wild symbol : no
  • 💥 Scatter symbol : no
    ✖️ Multiplier : no
    🎁 Free spins : no
    💣 Bonus round : yes
    🍒 Symbols : Red Candy, Yellow Candy, Blue Candy, Pink Candy, Orange Candy, Pink Heart-Shaped Candy

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Sugar Pop Slot Review
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Sugar Pop Pokie Review

Sugar Pop is a game changer in pokie making. The game denies most standard principles that underpin any pokie and delivers a brand new online casino experience on a 5×5 field. There are no spins in the conventional sense, no wild symbols and no bonus games. Instead, the pokie has 30 levels, 2 special symbols, 10 bonus symbols, bonus patterns, a scoring system and much more. Bonus candies work wonders and perform numerous metamorphosis with normal candies. A picture paints a thousand words, as the phrase goes. Try the pokie by yourself and it will be a feast for your imagination.

Sugar Pop uses a candy theme. There are all kinds of candies in place of symbols. The reel set is located against a fairy tale cotton candy forest, pink, airy and sweet. On the right-hand side, a glass aubergines-shaped tank is attached to the reels – this is part of a bonus feature and it is gradually filled as soon as a win is paid out. On the left-hand side, you can see two Game Score indicators; the upper one shows your score on the current level, and the bottom one displays your total score in the game session.

Normal Candy Symbols

The symbols have a 5×5 arrangement. Clicking Spin makes them fall and disappear with new symbols cascading down. The pokie has as many as 19 symbols, 7 of which are regular. Regular candies differ in shape and color and they create winning combinations in an unusual way. You are awarded for a combination when three or more of the same candies touch horizontally and/or vertically. Actually, the winning possibilities are limitless. When a combination of candies is formed, you receive a payout according to the paytable, these candies explode and the symbols above them drop into empty positions, giving you chances for additional combinations.

Mind that payouts are granted for each candy in a combination. One triangular pink candy awards 6 coins, one heart-shaped candy gives 4 coins, one round red candy gives away 20 coins, and so on. When the matching candies touch on any side, thus creating a combo, the payouts for each candy are tallied. To understand better how much you win in monetary terms, you need to know bet sizes available in Sugar Pop.

There are two bet settings that you can change. The Choose Coin buttons adjust a coin size between $0.01 and $1. And the Bet Amount sets the number of coins per spin: 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250. With this in view, the minimum and maximum bets in Sugar Pop are $0.50 and $250. The highest win that a non-feature symbol awards is $100 (a round red candy).

Special candies

When four identical candies create a combination, they cause a Super Color symbol to appear. This special delicious candy carries a multiplier of x2 that applies to a winning combo. When five identical candies appear side by side, a sugary Candy Bomb appears. The bomb will explode if it has the matching color with neighboring symbols and the payout will equal to the sum of all candy rewards destroyed by the bomb explosion.

Pokie levels and 10 feature candies

Every win brings you points that are indicated on two meters to the left of the game field. Besides, the points you have collected are graphically represented in a special glass container that acts as a progress bar. When the meter is filled completely, you advance to the next game level where new feature candies are available. There are 10 feature candies that trigger some bonus effects:

  • Lollipop. In a no-win situation, the lollipop generates a whirl that mixes all candies and gives rise to a new arrangement of symbols that can result in a winning combo
  • Candy Cane. It explodes itself and destroys all the candies on the same row and column
  • Jelly Beans. These marvelous beans will fly off, land on random symbols and knock out a reward out of them
  • Cotton Candy. The tornado of cotton candies will shower lots of cash prizes on you
  • Caramel Chew. The caramel ball will make a track through symbol positions. The affected candies will explode with new cascading candies falling down
  • Peanut Butter Cup. Up to 12 of these appetizing treats will reveal matching candies, giving you some yummy wins
  • Black Chocolate. The candies around the Chocolate square will pop and give way to a new wave of candies
  • White Chocolate. This special delight will shoot nuts at symbols to extract some instant money from them
  • Jawbreaker. It will run off the reels, crushing some adjacent symbols and awarding you instant cash
  • Gumdrop. This morsel will absorb a number of neighboring symbols and disappear, leaving some nice wins.

Bonus patterns

The currently active bonus pattern is shown near the reels. To complete the pattern, winning candies should be created in the positions indicated by that pattern. When done, you will receive up to 1200 points towards your game score and will be able to unlock a new level faster.

Bottom line on Sugar Pop

Sugar Pop is an appetizing 5×5 video slot with tons of bonuses and the out-of-the-box gameplay. There are ten bonus symbols, each triggering a unique bonus actions with instant real-money prizes. If you progress to the final level 30, all the bonus symbols become available. Strongly recommended for the gamblers who love extraordinary gaming solutions and unique features.

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