HellRaiser Pokie

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  • 3.43
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  • Last updated: 26.01.2022
  • Hellraiser Slot
  • 🎰 Slot type : Classic
    💎 Slot theme : Horror
    📱 Platform : Desktop, Android, iPhone
    📟 Reel : 4
    ⚙️ Paylines : 10
    🔥 Progressive : no
  • 🟢 Coin size : from $1 up to $1
    🟠 Coins per line : 1
    💵 Max bet : 20
    💰 Max win : 200
    🆓 Play for fun : yes
    ▶️ Autoplay : yes
    ✨ Wild symbol : no
  • 💥 Scatter symbol : no
    ✖️ Multiplier : no
    🎁 Free spins : no
    💣 Bonus round : yes
    🍒 Symbols : cherries, lemons, oranges, blueberries, watermelons, grapes, devil

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Hellraiser Slot Review

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HellRaiser Pokie Review

There is no place on Earth and beyond which Betsoft has not developed into an amazing video slot found globally in online casinos. According to Betsoft, Hell is just another place to play for real money at. Hellraiser, a 4-reel 10-payline pokie, is a classic fruit machine but being all hellish-red and clearly devil-driven, it pulls an Aussie in from the first look. It offers a lot of excitement and thrills: there are up to $200 wins in base rounds, a gambling feature and bonus rounds with special pay rules. Looking like slots found at bars and pubs decades ago, it is packed with high-tech features to ensure great fun time and unforgettable gambling experience. Find bellow the rules and tips how to visit the Hell and get back with a good catch.

Gameplay: a multi-tier experience

Having chosen a value of coins between $0.01 and $1.00 with a Choose Bet Head control, one has to decide on paylines and wager 1, 5, 10 or 20 coins, or $0.01 up to $20 moneywise. It is not just about the numbers: it is about chances and wins. Betting 1, 5, 10 or 20 coins engages different paylines and the higher the bet the better the chances. A 1-coin bet activates lines 1 and 6 only while a 20-coin bet engages all 10 paylines. Moreover, betting from 5 to 20 coins opens up access to a bonus round, which is unavailable at a 1-coin bet. The only feature available at 1-coin bet is Hold: anyone familiar with old-school fruit machines knows how useful a Hold feature is to control the gameplay and wins, as it allows for keeping symbols on the reels for the next spins.

Having decided on a bet level, one proceeds to the Spin button and here we go – the reels rotate with that wonderful humming sound. The paytable is constantly on display, which adds immense excitement to the gameplay because payouts are all the time right in front of your eyes.

Pokie symbols: fruits not from Eden

Symbols are good old fruits and the Hellraiser himself. They pay out when there are 3 of a kind on an active payline, so the first tip is to keep as many paylines engaged as possible to maximize wins. The payouts range from 2 to 100 coins at a 1-coin bet, 20 to 100 coins at a 5-coin and 10-coin bets and 40 to 200 coins at a 20-coin bet ($200 at max in a single spin). A more profitable paytable is meant for bonus rounds, it stretches from 100 to 200 coins; in money terms it may look like $100-200 depending on your selected coin value, so you should select a higher value of coins to maximize your wins.

Bonus round: raise the hell!

In addition to payable fruit symbols, there are also Bats. Landing 3 Bats on the reels at 5, 10 or 20 coin bets, you enter a Hellraiser bonus mode. An instant cash prize of 200 coins is awarded and the gameplay continues with new paytable rules. All payouts are promoted to a new level and range from 100 to 200 coins.

So betting 5 or 10 coins during a Hellraiser mode earns 2 Devil tokens, while playing at a 20-coin bet earns 4 tokens. These are Satan’s traps: each time there is Devil on the reels, 1 token burns and as soon as all tokens are gone, the Hellraiser mode is over. Good news: each win in a Hellraiser mode adds 1 token to the balance so one may stay in this mode for quite a while. This mode also finishes when there are no more credits on the Clubmeter, a special screen showing the current status of wins, or when you decide to Collect/Reset and take the win.

A shape of a gambler’s heart: gamble feature

A win in a base round may be collected with a Collect/Reset button and then it adds to the balance. Otherwise it may be doubled and actually multiplied with a gamble feature activated by default after a win. A choice – Heads or Tails – is made by clicking a Choose Bet/Head button or Take Clubmeter/Tail button. A column of golden coins on the right starts flashing and reveals your luck in a few moments. After any lucky guess you may collect the win with the Collect/Reset button. This feature can boost a $200 win up to $400 or $800 or $1600 or greater that your luck is inclined to provide: there are no limits on the number of tosses.

Bottom line on Hellraiser

The grasping multi-featured pokie with 4 reels and 10 paylines looks hellishly attractive and feels the same way. It actually burns in flames as well as one’s heart when playing. A base round win of up to $200, a gamble feature and a bonus round where nothing less than 100 coins is earned – all of these features along with overall appearance and design make the video slot a recommended game for Aussies who look for the hottest gambling offers available in online casinos.

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