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Last updated: 27.02.2022
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MasterCard credit cards provide a smooth payment solution for online casino goers. Having an effective credit card issued by a financial institution, you can swiftly transfer funds from your bank account to an online casino – with just a few clicks or taps. The payment brand goes back to mid 1950s and its recognizable symbol in the form of red and yellow interlocking circles has become a hallmark of reliability and integrity when it comes to online purchases. Nowadays, many online casinos on the Australian market offer MasterCard payments for you to enjoy the process of safe and easy gambling.

MasterCard uses a security tool known as 3D Secure Code, which is similar to a pin-code you enter at a checkout. Whenever you try to send money to an online casino, the bank will generate a once-off code delivered to your mobile device via an SMS message. This is made to prevent unauthorized use and protect you from credit card fraud.

MasterCard depositing to online casinos

It takes a few minutes to complete all the below steps and get your funds moved to an online casino. Be sure to have sufficient balance on your bank account and proceed as follows:

  • Pick the online casino and create an account, specifying your real name, surname and other personal details
  • Select MasterCard as the payment options and fill in the obligatory fields: credit card number, your name, expiry date and CVV code
  • Enter the amount you would like to get deposited, minding the min and max limits, which are normally visible at the Deposit page
  • You are then redirected to the secure website of the issuing bank where you are to identify yourself. Once confirmed, the transaction will be complete

Withdrawals with MasterCard

Before making a withdrawal, you are advised to consult the terms of the online casino you are in so as to be aware of its withdrawal limits. Casinos differ and so do limits, being – roughly speaking – anywhere between AU$1000 and AU$10,000 a week. There are no MasterCard-imposed limits to how much a player is eligible to withdraw in one session; this parameter is defined by gambling sites. Nonetheless, you should enquire your bank about actual transaction restrictions on your card.  

Casino customers should know that if a credit card transaction exceeds a certain value (usually set forth in the T&C), a player will be subjected to advanced AML verification.

MasterCard pros and cons

Credit cards are a well-established payment option thanks to a number of major pros:

  • Available in many online casinos in Australia
  • Enhanced safety and security of online purchases, backed by 2FA, MasterCard Identity Check and other security tools
  • Instant deposit to online casinos
  • Low or inexistent fees (casino-dependent)

Despite many advantages, there are some cons:

  • Online casinos do not guarantee successful payment processing, since an issuing bank may reject a transaction due to its gambling-specific policies. To be precise, you should find it out in good time whether your servicing bank blocks gambling transactions or not
  • Withdrawal takes more time than many other payment options  

MasterCard fees and limits

Banks normally do not impose any fees when customers transfer their own funds to a merchant. But it so happens that players often deal with fees which are imposed by online casinos. If this is the case, an online casino charges a 1% to 3% fee on MasterCard deposits. Minimum limits are fairly conservative, starting at AU$10 and rarely exceeding AU$20. Withdrawals from online casinos are charged at 1% or greater. Minimum withdrawal amounts are casino-specific and usually established at about AU$20 and greater.

MasterCard timeframes

Meanwhile deposits are instant, cashouts may take 2 to 5 days, depending on your bank’s timing. It is possible to speed up the first withdrawal from the casino by submitting a package of required personal IDs reasonably in advance.  


One of the most powerful and trusted payment methods, MasterCard is easy to use for small or big transactions. Due to its acceptability and other pros, MasterCard is an incredibly convenient option to handle your payments with online casinos.

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