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Last updated: 27.02.2022
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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency used in peer-to-peer transactions, including Player-Casino payments. Bitcoin has gained massive popularity in some specific fields where money senders and recipients want to stay anonymous, for example in gambling. Along with almost unbeatable anonymity, this payment method has more inherent advantages that coincide with the interests of gamblers, who thus use bitcoin to replenish their online casino accounts.

Australian casino visitors experience a lack of payment methods because of allegedly temporary regulatory issues, and bitcoin comes in handy as it perfectly fills in the void and expands payment opportunities for Aussies. Bitcoin casinos began to emerge a few years ago to become a decent alternative to traditional online casinos on the Australian market. The key feature of bitcoin online casinos is their ability to operate with bitcoins, so players can deposit and bet using this revolutionary cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin (often abbreviated to BTC) is a highly volatile digital currency, the current value of which undergoes abrupt fluctuations, hikes and falls. One bitcoin is divided into 100 million satoshis, which is the lowest bitcoin unit. To facilitate communication between users, the following sub-units have been introduced: mBTC (milli-bitcoin, 1/1000 BTC) and μBTC (micro-bitcoin, one-millionth of BTC). These and some other terms are often used in bitcoin online casinos.

How and where to buy bitcoin

Players need to register an electronic wallet to store bitcoins. There are many types of wallets such as a desktop wallet, a mobile wallet, a web wallet and a hardware wallet. All of these differ in the degree of security, for example a hardware wallet, which is a physical unit of equipment that connects to a computer vi a USB port, is considered to be the most unbreachable of all. For the uninitiated, the easiest (and not the worst!) option is to set up a web wallet such as Blockchain or Coinbase. By using a web-based wallet, players can access it on any device and create transactions to an online bitcoin casino.

So now that you have a wallet successfully installed, it’s time to buy some bitcoins. The most accessible way is to go to a reliable online exchange site where you can purchase bitcoins for any other currency, for example, Australian dollars. As soon as your wallet is anted up, you are invited to read bitcoin casino reviews contained on this website and pick the one you feel comfortable with. Then at the casino, choose the Bitcoin payment option, enter a required amount and send bitcoins on your account. Now you can play bitcoin casino games for real money.

4 reasons to use bitcoins

There are at least three obvious advantages that bitcoins feature:

  1. High degree of anonymity. To be honest, an absolute anonymity is an unreachable aim because there are some complex methods to trace the origin of bitcoins received by a particular party. Some experts prefer using the term “pseudo anonymous” when talking about bitcoins. Nevertheless, it is extremely hard to identify the bitcoin sender, that is why this blockchain-based digital currency is reputed to be an anonymous payment tool. Moreover, the best bitcoin casinos never ask a guest to fill out long-read registration forms and specify everything from the name of your favorite kitty cat to your favorite sleep position. Online bitcoin casinos actually ask a new player to type in an email address and figure out a username and password to access the account, and nothing more. Note: In case of a big win, casinos are legally bound to perform standard KYC procedures and the customer’s ID may be required.
  2. Lightning-fast transaction time. As opposed to other payment mechanisms, bitcoin transactions are processed almost instantaneously in either direction (to/from the casino). If using other withdrawal methods, players usually have to wait for 2 and more days to receive their funds from an online casino.
  3. No or neglectable fees. The majority of bitcoin casinos do not apply fees when players deposit. Those that do, tend to impose very small, manageable fees.
  4. New casinos open very often.To attract new customers and build up the base of loyal customers, the new gambling venues offer very generous bitcoin casino bonuses.

Bitcoin casino games

One of the most exciting attractions of any bitcoin casino is a big assortment of games, all of which taking bitcoin bets. Graphically rich pokies from high-profile providers, European and American roulette, blackjack tables, baccarat with side bets and many other spectacular games are in abundant supply at top casinos for Australian gamblers. Also available are bitcoin mobile casinos that provide the best deals in terms of bonuses. Bitcoin casino games are a plentiful fountain of good mood, high winnings and entertainment for bitcoin users.

What makes the best bitcoin casinos

Gamblers expect a bitcoin online casino to offer a big suite of games, many bonuses, quickly responding support agents and a secure gaming experience. But the real state of things is that picking a casino turns into a kind of a Russian roulette with a single round in a revolver – you never know if you are get scammed or not. To help casino-goers find a truly reliable bitcoin online casino, this website contains numerous reviews of only top gambling sites with proven payouts, big collections of pokies and smart support guys. The best bitcoin casinos must correspond to the following criteria to be shortlisted on this website:

  1. Variety of games from time-tested vendors like Betsoft, Aristocrat, Bally and others. All the casinos you will find here feature an enormous number of games such as pokies, roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat and scratch cards.
  2. Convenient payment options. Bitcoin is undoubtedly one of the best but many users got used to deal with other ways of transferring money online such as debit/credit cards. Do not worry; most venues on the bitcoin casino list feature assorted payment methods other than bitcoin.
  3. Bonuses and promotions. Deposit bonuses are a welcome addition to any online casino offer. They lend a pleasing variety to gaming and give players the chance to win cash. Deposit bonuses are just the top of the iceberg since many customer-driven casinos offer other types of bonuses such as cashback and friendly welcome bonuses. Special mention in this regard should be made of bitcoin casino free spins. They are often tied to a welcome package or come separately – anyway, they feature a high winning cap and very low playthrough values.
  4. Live dealer games. Live dealer games are well regarded in Australia and many local gamblers seek reliable live bitcoin casinos that would not include them in the list of restricted territories. Most casinos reviewed here have a good representation of live games from prominent game makers like Evolution Gaming and Extreme Gaming.
  5. Mobile compatibility with most devices.
  6. Bitcoin faucets. See below for detail.

Bitcoin faucets in Australian bitcoin casinos

A bitcoin faucet is a free giveaway of bitcoins that takes the form of a draw or mini game. Recipients of free bitcoins are determined on a random basis and the nominees obtain a small amount, normally about a hundred of satoshis or a bit more. A typical bitcoin faucet in an online casino is a webpage where a registered user can click a button to declare his participation in the daily draw of free bitcoins. at the end of each day, the randomly selected users are announced as winners and are immediately credited with the amount in question.

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